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  Camera and Lens Review Websites 

DPReview – Offers late breaking news on cameras, lenses, and other equipment as well as reviews. Their full reviews are very detailed and will help you make your purchase decisions.  

Check it out:   HERE     


Steve’s Digicams – Similar to DPReview.  

Check it out:   HERE  


The Digital Picture - Considering buying a lens for your DSLR? Compare your candidates against each other. Often times they are compared using the same camera. While you are there check out the rest of the site as they offer news, reviews, and even purchase recommendations.  

Check it out:   HERE  

  Photography Related Discussion Forums


Photography On The Net - This site is primarily for users of Canon cameras, lenses, and accessories although there is plenty of information here on post processing, HDR, printers, scanners, accessories and more. 

Check it out:   HERE  


The Ugly Hedgehog - This site is not a camea specific site but there is no shortage of opinions and help on all things related to photography. It is similar to Photography On The Net.

Check it out:   HERE  


PlanetNikon - This site as the name implies is specific to Nikon users. However like the other sites here a wide variety of photography related topics are discussed including a section titled Photography 101 which is set up novice photographers. 

Check it out:   HERE  


Nikonians - Another discussion website for Nikon users.

Check it out:  HERE 

Museums and Art Institutes 

Museum of Modern Art - MOMA, located in New York City, has a vast collection of art including photographs.

To view their collection of photographs click  HERE 

Here are links to Photography Centric Websites and internet articles that will help improve your photography and post processing
This page will be continously updated as we become aware of new information

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