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The Photo Club is comprised of residents of the Sun City Lincoln Hills community in Lincoln, CA.

Below is a list of our monthly meetings and activities

General Meeting - 2nd Wednesday @ 9:00AM

The General Meeting, in Kilaga Presentation Hall usually features a guest speaker on a specific aspect of photography. It also is a forum to discuss current and upcoming events of interest.

Summaries of General Meeting Presentations are archived  HERE   

YouTube links to General Meeting videos are  HERE   

Board Meeting, OC Multipurpose Room - Monday before the General Meeting @ 9:00AM

Board Meetings are open to any current Photography Club member.  Copies of the approved "Board Meeting Minutes" are posted   HERE


Exhibitions offer club members an avenue to show their photographs. Some use these occasions as an opportunity to sell their work. Find information on current and upcoming exhibits below.  Overview of our Exhibit Efforts can be found   HERE

Field Trips and Great Adventures

To learn more about  above planned, recent and past trips and adventures  HERE 


Facebook Page

This “member only” tool is used to communicate photography ideas, promising sites, area photography activities, and conversation

To join, click link:   LHPC Facebook 


Photography SIG (was Enhancement) - 1st Wednesday @ 9:00AM

The Photography SIG includes exploration of camera settings, composition tips, post processing tools, smart phone photography,  and specialized areas such as bird and Milky Way photography.  The presentations are developed to take into consideration the needs of beginner and intermediate photographers, as well as, a refresher for more advanced users.  Speakers and suggestions are welcome. Slide shows are posted on the club website for future viewing. For more info go to the SIG's Webpage  HERE   

November General Meeting

Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 9:00 A.M., Kilaga Presentation Hall

"Intentional Camera Movement" 
presented by Jan Lightfoot

Although never formally trained, Jan Lightfoot has always been involved with photography in one form or another. Transitioning from her own darkroom in high school, she progressed to newspaper photography, and also worked in custom color printing labs. Later, she managed Wentling’s Camera in Walnut Creek, CA. During this time, Jan also taught photography classes and conducted photo field trips. Currently, she shows her work in various galleries and venues in Northern California and has presented a variety of  photographic programs to local clubs in the Northern California area.

Many of Jan's photographic images tend to reflect a long association with classic and traditional compositions with an emphasis on nature. She has recently enjoyed a slight departure into the world of altered realities and artistic stylizing. She finds the challenge of creating altered images while retaining original photographic detail to be a wonderful exercise in imagination.

Jan's presentation is titled, "ICM - Intentional Camera Movement."  She says, "Learn why ICM, or Intentional Camera Movement, is taking the country by storm right now.    ICM is much more than simply using slow shutter speeds.

ICM blurs the line between the frozen moment of photography and the passage of time, allowing a discovery of unique and visually striking images.  ICM allows one to break free from the constraints of traditional photography to unlock the power of creativity and imagination.  ICM is a deep dive into capturing the essence of a subject through color, shapes, lines, textures, light and shadow.  

ICM is incredibly accessible for anyone at any level of photography.  ICM is extremely fun!"

You may view Jan's presentation [HERE].

 Jan Lightfoot
 Photo by Jan Lightfoot
Latest Members' Slide Show/s

You may view the 11/08/2023 Photography Club "Give Me 5" Member's Rolling Slideshow [HERE]

You may view a listing of all our Club videos by clicking on "Resources" at the top and "Our Meeting Videos" or by clicking [HERE].

Get Your Tickets Now!

Tickets are still available for the Holiday Breakfast — a member favorite event that you don’t want to miss!


In addition to a fabulous buffet breakfast, we have extra fun packed in this year. The ticket price is only $12. Each member (household) is also invited to bring a guest. 


Truman Holtzclaw will, once again, take holiday member photos, and we will enjoy a rolling slide show of past years’ member photos. Be sure to wear your seasonal colors!


New this year is Table Trivia! Each table will team up to answer 20 trivia questions. Topics will include TV shows, movies, music and news stories. Nothing like a little healthy competition after a wonderful meal! We will also have our traditional raffles for gift certificates.


The buffet is in the Orchard Creek Ballroom which will open at 8:30 AM for social time and breakfast and will begin at 9:00 AM. If you don’t have your ticket already, you may reserve a spot and pay at the door by contacting Diane Margetts at or 916-955-1809 (phone/text). The deadline for reserving a ticket is November 27.


          Don’t miss out on this fun, annual holiday event!

2212-Truman-December 18-NP.jpg

Truman "Santa" Holtzclaw

December Photography SIG

Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 9:00 A.M., Orchard Creek Multipurpose Room

Should We Continue The SIG After July, 2024?


Kate McCarthy
SIG Moderator

"As most people know, I am stepping back from the Photography SIG after running it for about six years. A survey was sent out in November to determine interest in continuing the SIG in 2024. We will meet December 6th to discuss moving forward. Here is the result: 

   133 surveys successfully sent out and received.

   20 responded which is about the number who actually attend.

Those who responded did not answer every question.The percentages are based on the people who responded to each question, and the number in parenthesis are possible number of people who would be interested in attending."   --Kate

The details of Kate's SIG meeting notice are included [HERE].
Photography Club Field Trip – Another Great Adventure!

Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove,  Asilomar, 17 Mile Drive and Big Sur areas

April 23, 24, 25, returning home on April 26

Club member Images from past trips

Book your reservations early to get great rates and no-cost cancellations if your plans change.


Dates:  We recommend booking reservations now for April 2024 with check-in starting on Tuesday, April 23, including 24 and 25, with check-out on Friday, April 26.  Some people are extending their reservations to spend more time in the area. 


Asilomar Hotel and Conference Grounds in the Asilomar State Park and Beach.

For this trip, we are planning to make the Asilomar State Park Conference Center in Pacific Grove our central location.  This historical “minimalist” state park facility is designed to encourage visitors to spend time outdoors or in group conferences.  It is adjacent to the state beach, providing easy walks for sunrise or sunset times on the beach.


Having a central location will enable group meetups in the evenings at a fire pit or the beach for sunset, meetups for meals including a lunch at the Pebble Beach Golf Course, and classes for tips on great locations and times for photography opportunities.  This also enables our participants to join together for day trips or meals in small groups if desired.


Asilomar has great rates for those who book early, starting at ~ $170/night, a bargain for this area, and if you reserve your room via the promotion code for seniors, you can cancel anytime up to 72 hours in advance and get your deposit back. Reservations require paying the first night as a deposit, and the remainder is due upon check-in.     


Many conferences are held at this prime location, and rooms will quickly fill up so we encourage you to make a decision early to guarantee availability.  We already know of a very large group of photographers from Chicago who are planning a conference at the same time. 


We urge you to make your plans and reservations now!  It is a classic, “You snooze, you lose” situation. 

Note: You may book reservations at any hotel; you are not required to stay at Asilomar.

Wherever you want to stay, we still encourage you to book reservations as soon as possible before availability tightens and rates spike.


1905-Carmel Beach-Phil Harmon-May07-I-FT
1905-Jim Moon-Aquarium Jellyfish-May07-I
1905-Hearst Castle-Wendy-May07-I-FT-1004

Sunset at Carmel Beach.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hearst Castle

Trip Packs, Pre-trip Planning Meetings, and “Show & Tell” Gathering post-trip.

For this trip, we will have a complete, detailed Trip Pack available, a pre-trip planning meeting so you can make the best use of your time on the trip, and a separate “Show & Tell” gathering after the trip.  Because many members/guests will be going on this trip, these materials and gatherings will be limited to those who make a reservation for lodging.  


Planners for this trip include Jim Sakaguchi, Truman Holtzclaw and Les Thomas.  Input from others is encouraged.  Contact any of us if you have any questions.


After you have booked your hotel reservation, send an email to Les Thomas, and we’ll add your name(s) to the participant list. 


How to make hotel reservations.  Click [HERE] for a step-by-step guide for making reservations prepared by Jim Sakaguchi.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        -  Les Thomas

Click on Photo to go to his Gallery Page on this Website


Photo by Pete Henshaw

Yellow Lotus.jpg

Photo by Mike Johnson

Photo Field Trip Adventures are Back!


We are always looking for new adventures, please send your suggestions for trips that would be an “Adventure” to Les Thomas at:

Renew Your Membership

Renew your Membership:  If you want to receive Field Trip announcements, invitations to field trip planning and show & tell parties plus related over-the-top trip planning packets, you need to be a current member.

To renew: print, fill out the form referenced below, sign & mail with $20 to:   LHPC, P.O. Box 623, Lincoln, CA 95648.  

Click [HERE] to download the latest "Lincoln Hills Photography Club Membership Application" form.


Kilaga Springs Library


LHPC’s now has it’s first solo exhibit in the Kilaga Springs Library. The exhibit will change quarterly. If you have exhibited in group shows, and you are ready for the next step, this is for you. You may also share the time and space with a partner.


The number of photographs depends on the size. This first exhibit has 15, in a variety of sizes. Go to the KS library and check it out. There is no fee and 100% of the sale price goes to you the Photographer. For the 2023 calendar, we have available the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarter. This gives everyone time to plan their exhibit.


On the 2nd quarter we will be honoring Gladden McBean. This is open to any member. To get on the calendar and for further information, please contact Rhonda Campbell at 

Current Exhibit - Buonarroti's Restaurant


Photo by Vicki White

Buonarroti Restaurant will host a new exhibit beginning June 3, 2023 and running through October 6, 2023.  Now is the time to look through your images and prepare your prints for display.  Denise Souza, will coordinate the exhibit.  LHPhotography Club members will soon receive an email providing details about the exhibit.  As exhibit date gets closer, check back to this section of our website for exhibit details.

You can download the Exhibit Application and the Photo Display guide below. Reach out to Denise Souza @ if you have questions.


Please consider demonstrating our appreciation to the Manger/Chef at Buonarroti Restaurant. Visit their website below, review their menu and consider reserving a table for a delicious meal surrounded by beautiful photographs.

Photographers currently displaying images at Buonarroti's include-Ron Nabity, Jerry Steinman, and Jim Sakaguchi


Buonarroti’s Ristorante -

460 Lincoln Blvd. Lincoln, Ph:  916-645-7951


Current Exhibit - Kilaga Springs Spa

 Kilaga Springs Spa Exhibit will be returning in November, 2022.

 Themes of the photo images, which must be followed for each Spa room, are: Ponds, Beaches, Lakes,   Meadows, Forests, Streams and also Landscapes and Flowers.

Photo by Jim Moon

Simple Pleasures started the year off with an exhibit that went up February 6, 2023 and will come down June 5, 2023.  The next opportunity for photographers to exhibit will begin October 3, 2023. As Fall rolls around, visit this website for the October 3, 2023 exhibit announcement.


The following photographers are currently exhibiting at Simple Pleasures: Simon Chen, Bob Dales, Stephanie Huntingdale, Linda Morley, Joy Paris, Ron Nabity, and Larry White


Stop by Simple Pleasures and look at the great art that is now on exhibit and grab a sandwich or a great dessert.

Current Exhibit - Simple Pleasures

Photo by Klara Kleman


The Orchard Creek Rotunda Exhibit ran from August through September 2022. This is a special exhibit.  LHPC photographers participating in this exhibit include Bob Baikauskas, Rhonda Campbell, Bob Dale, Pete Henshaw, Mike Johnson, Klara Kleman, Linda Morley, Joy Paris, Steve Stewart, and Larry White.  

Rhonda Campbell, Orchard Creek (OC) Club Exhibit Coordinator, described the OC exhibit as a successful event for photographers. The exhibit was the first OC exhibit since COVID and the best-selling exhibit year to date. According to Rhonda, when photographers sold a photograph for the event, they replaced it with another. Often they sold their replacement. In all, participating photographers sold a total of fifteen photos throughout the OC exhibit.

Summary of Recent Exhibit at Orchard Creek Rotunda 

Photo by Joy Paris

Joy Paris Tucson Fall .jpeg

Would you love to exhibit your photos at Simple Pleasures or some of the other great venues available to the Photo Club but don't know how to get started?  Check out our Photo Display Guide and the Application to Exhibit 

(click on the PDF icon: )  

Photo Display Guide

Application to Exhibit

SCLH Photography Club Facebook Page


This is a place for SCLH Photography Members to have a conversation about photography, cameras, and places to shoot photography in the area. You can ask a specific "how to" or "where can I find..." or "how can I improve this shot?" or "thinking of going to.....does anyone want to come too?" You can post great photography-related websites that others might like. Use your creativity.  The SCLH Photography Club Facebook page is accessible to all residents of Sun City Lincoln Hills.


There are a few rules.

  1. No politics, none, nada.

  2. The only things you can sell on this page are photography equipment that is usually sold within the club like reselling cameras, printers, etc. Nothing else. Nothing.

  3. Constructive criticism only when critiquing. (Don't tell us that it was a stupid, boring shot, We'll figure it out anyway.)

  4. If you are selling your photography, protect your copyright. You may not want that one up on the Internet on Facebook. Post a link to your photography website instead.

To join, use this link:   LHPC Facebook 

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