The Photo Club is comprised of residents of the Sun City Lincoln Hills community in Lincoln, CA.

Below is a list of our monthly meetings and activities

General Meeting - 2nd Wednesday @ 9:00AM

The General Meeting, in Kilaga Presentation Hall usually features a guest speaker on a specific aspect of photography. It also is a forum to discuss current and upcoming events of interest.

Summaries of General Meeting Presentations are archived  HERE   

YouTube links to General Meeting videos are  HERE   

Field Trips

Find information on recent field trips   HERE 


Exhibitions offer club members an avenue to show their photographs. Some use these occasions as an opportunity to sell their work. Find information on current and upcoming exhibits below.  Overview of our Exhibit Efforts can be found   HERE 

Board Meeting, OC Multipurpose Room - One day before the General Meeting

Board Meetings are open to any current Photography Club member.  Copies of the approved "Board Meeting Minutes" are posted   HERE 

Facebook Page

This “member only” tool is used to communicate photography ideas, promising sites, area photography activities, and conversation

To join, click link:   LHPC Facebook 

Lifestyles Photography Group

The Lifestyle Group provides photo journalistic services to Sun City Clubs and Community Association sponsored events and activities. The Group is accepting assignments. We welcome any Photography Club member who is interested in this type of photography to call Klara Kleman (the Group Coordinator). See the full announcement on the Lifestyles Page under the ACTIVITIES tab.    HERE  

Enhancement SIG - 1st Wednesday @ 9:00AM

The purpose of the Photo Enhancement SIG is to help you make your photos better using photo editing software. Meetings are in the OC Multipurpose Room. For more info go to the SIG's Webpage  HERE   

Round Table SIG - 4th Wednesday @ 9:00AM

The Round Table SIG provides an opportunity for any member to discuss any topic related to photography. It is the perfect forum for asking all of those, "How do I" questions. For more info about the Round Table SIG click  HERE 

Learning SIG - 3rd Wednesday every other month 

The Learning SIG is structured by topic and technique. Topic examples may include street photography, vacation photography and night photography; while technique examples include composition, ISO, shutter speed, selective focus, etc. To review the past meetings, click. New. this year, every other month the topics will be enhancement techniques.HERE   

July General Meeting, July 14th, 9:00AM
Guest Speaker: Mary Latham

Photographer - Writer - Traveler

Mary Latham is a photographer and writer.  She studied photography to become a commercial photographer, but found herself at a time and place that demanded "finding good."  She made one of those decisions that turns out to change one's life in profound ways, taking her camera gear and writing tools on a journey with an unknown destination.  She had a goal, but the plan had to unfold as she set out to gather the photographs and the stories that she needed to find.  Fifty states, 43,000 miles, and appearances on the Today Show, MSNBC, The Kelly Clarkson Show, articles in the Washington Post, The Saturday Evening Post, the Suffolk Times, The Upside, and a TEDx talk later, she comes to us to share her story and her photographs.  At a time with so much turmoil and tragedy in the news, this is a presentation that you won't want to miss.

You may view Mary's website MOREGOOD TODAY [HERE]

You may view Mary's Photo Club presentation [HERE]

2107-Mary Latham-July14-np.jpg.png

Ms. Mary Latham

Photo Field Trip Adventures are Back!


We are pleased to announce the planning of new Photo Field Trip adventures as our part of the world is opening up from the long COVID hibernation.


Immediate plans include trips to nearby places, either day trips or overnight within several hours by car. 


Field Trips being planned for our new free-to-travel status include:


- Wildflowers, waterfalls, sunrises/sunsets, landscapes, birds and animals in Lake Tahoe and High Sierra areas

- Milky Way – Galaxy – Night Sky trips to “Dark Sky” areas

- Rose Gardens

- Reno Hot Air Balloon Races & Festival 

- Fall Colors – Eastern Sierras, Alabama Hills, Lake Tahoe (for colors and bears), Highway 395 areas

- Winter scenes in Yosemite

- Museums – Railroad, Old Sacramento, Auto, Gold Mining and more


We are always looking for new adventures, send your suggestions for trips that would be an “Adventure” to Les Thomas at:


Renew your Membership:  If you want to receive Field Trip announcements, invitations to field trip planning and show & tell parties plus related over-the-top trip planning packets, you need to be a current member.


To renew mail $20 and include you name and contact information to: 

LHPC, P.O. Box 623, Lincoln, CA 95648.  

The Learning SIG is on Summer Break!

Check Back for Updates!
See Kate McCarthy's New Gallery

Click on Photo to go to her Gallery Page on this Website


Photos by Kate McCarthy


Photo by Klara Kleman

Current Exhibit - Orchard Creek Lodge Display Window

OC Lodge opened, and we now have an exhibit up in  the Needle Art/Sewing room display windows where we will be until July 28. Thanks to the following members, who were able to contribute their photos to make this exhibit a success:

Rhonda Campbel, Bob Dale, Jerry Hall, O Truman Holtzclaw, Klara Kleman, Kate McCarthy, Pat Monda, Linda Morley, Kurt Norton, Charlie Schuman, Brad Senn, Coleen Smith, Vicki White, Larry White.


Special thanks to Jeff Andersen for arranging/hanging the photos in the display windows.

When strolling through OC Lodge, make sure that you visit this display of amazing photos.

Photo by Vicki White

Current Exhibit - Buonarotti's Restaurant

We are currently exhibiting in Buonarotti's Restaurant.  We are sharing the opportunity to exhibit with the Painters Group on a four month rotation during 2021.  We hung our photos on July 2 2020.  Photographers participating include Rhonda Campbell, Wendy Gotcher, Pete Henshaw, Stephanie Huntingdale, Phil Huntingdale, Vicki White, and Loren Winckler.

We will LEAVE our current prints up until September. Next opportunity to exhibit will START in early January 2022.  Send your digital files and application form to Vicki White ( by December 10.

Photo by Jim Moon

Current Exhibit - Kilaga Springs Spa

Photographs for the current Kilaga Springs Spa Exhibit were hung on Sunday, February 9th and will be there through December 2020.   Currently there are photographs from Club Photographers: Jim Wronkiewitcz, Ron Nabity, Mary Beth Quallick, Truman Holtzclaw,  Jim Moon and Klara Kleman


Themes of the photo images, which must be followed for each Spa room, are: Ponds, Beaches, Lakes, Meadows, Forests, Streams and also Landscapes and Flowers.

Photo by Stephanie Huntingdale

Current Exhibit: Simple Pleasures Fall/Winter Exhibit

The Fall/Winter 2020/21 Exhibit started on November 2 and will run until June 7, 2021.  The theme for our Fall/Winter exhibit is Macro Photography (close up), flowers, trees or your favorite photo. Photographers included:  Rhonda Campbel, Stephanie Huntingdale, Klara Kleman, Ron Nabity, Steve Stewart, Charlie Schuman, and Vicki White.

We will START back again September 6 till January 3.  Send your digital files and Application Form to Klara ( by August 13.

Photo by Rhonda Campbell

Orchard Creek Rotunda Exhibit

The Orchard Creek Rotunda Exhibit was scheduled to take place in August and September. This is a special exhibit. Due to the uncertainty of when the Lodge will reopen, we do not have an exact date to submit your entries.

There is only one criteria for the Orchard Creek Exhibit - you must have exhibited at Simple Pleasures at least once as a Club member.  Digital Files and your Application are due to Rhonda Campbell -  Due to the uncertainty of when the Lodge will reopen we do not have an exact date to submit your entries.  Check back in a few weeks for the deadline to submit your application and digital files.


Would you love to exhibit your photos at Simple Pleasures or some of the other great venues available to the Photo Club but don't know how to get started?  Check out our Photo Display Guide, click on the PDF icon:   

Simple Pleasures Icon.png

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures Icon.png


Photo Display

SCLH Photography Club Facebook Page

This is a place for SCLH Photography Members to have a conversation about photography, cameras, and places to shoot photography in the area. You can ask a specific "how to" or "where can I find..." or "how can I improve this shot?" or "thinking of going to.....does anyone want to come too?" You can post great photography-related websites that others might like. Use your creativity.  The SCLH Photography Club Facebook page is accessible to all residents of Sun City Lincoln Hills.


There are a few rules.

  1. No politics, none, nada.

  2. The only things you can sell on this page are photography equipment that is usually sold within the club like reselling cameras, printers, etc. Nothing else. Nothing.

  3. Constructive criticism only when critiquing. (Don't tell us that it was a stupid, boring shot, We'll figure it out anyway.)

  4. If you are selling your photography, protect your copyright. You may not want that one up on the Internet on Facebook. Post a link to your photography website instead.

To join, use this link:   LHPC Facebook