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The Photo Club is comprised of residents of the Sun City Lincoln Hills community in Lincoln, CA.

Below is a list of our monthly meetings and activities

General Meeting - 2nd Wednesday @ 9:00AM

The General Meeting, in Kilaga Presentation Hall usually features a guest speaker on a specific aspect of photography. It also is a forum to discuss current and upcoming events of interest.

Summaries of General Meeting Presentations are archived  HERE   

YouTube links to General Meeting videos are  HERE   

Board Meeting, OC Multipurpose Room - Monday before the General Meeting @ 9:00AM

Board Meetings are open to any current Photography Club member.  Copies of the approved "Board Meeting Minutes" are posted   HERE


Exhibitions offer club members an avenue to show their photographs. Some use these occasions as an opportunity to sell their work. Find information on current and upcoming exhibits below.  Overview of our Exhibit Efforts can be found   HERE

Field Trips and Great Adventures

To learn more about  above planned, recent and past trips and adventures  HERE 


Facebook Page

This “member only” tool is used to communicate photography ideas, promising sites, area photography activities, and conversation

To join, click link:   LHPC Facebook 


Special Learning Session (SLS) (was Photography Special Interest Group) - 1st Wednesday @ 9:00AM

The Special Learning Session (SLS) includes exploration of camera settings, composition tips, post processing tools, smart phone photography,  and specialized areas such as bird and Milky Way photography.  The presentations are developed to take into consideration the needs of beginner and intermediate photographers, as well as, a refresher for more advanced users.  Speakers and suggestions are welcome. Slide shows are posted on the club website for future viewing. For more info go to the SLS's Webpage  HERE   

Renew Your Membership

Renew your Membership:  If you want to receive Field Trip announcements, invitations to field trip planning and show & tell parties plus related over-the-top trip planning packets, you need to be a current member.

To renew: print, fill out the form referenced below, sign & mail with $20 to:   LHPC, P.O. Box 623, Lincoln, CA 95648.  

Click [HERE] to download the latest "Lincoln Hills Photography Club Membership Application" form.

May General Meeting

Wednesday, May 8, 9:00 A.M., Kilaga Springs Presentation Hall

Artificial Intelligence by Ken Spencer

AI: The Ability of Computers to Perform Tasks Commonly Associated with Intelligent Beings . . . 

What is this latest tech rage, AI-Artificial Intelligence?


Should I embrace it, avoid it, believe it?


Ken Spencer will de-geekify what this latest technology was, is and will be.


You will learn the history and uses of AI, Artificial Intelligence, and what the future might bring.


Technology can be a tool for good or evil, but more importantly, it can, and should enhance our lives….. and our photography!


Ken has spent the last two decades embracing and educating about new technology as a consultant. He strives to simplify technology, for a non-tech consumer, for real people.

Ken Spencer

Ken strives to integrate tech in all parts of his life. He believes if you embrace tech, it can amplify almost all of life's pursuits.

You may view Ken's presentation [HERE].

Latest Club Members' Videos

You may view the 5/08/2024 Photography Club "Give Me 5" Member's Rolling Slideshow [HERE]

You may view a listing of all our Club videos by clicking on "Resources" at the top and "Our Meeting Videos" or by clicking [HERE].

We would like the pleasure of your company to visit:
High Hand Nursery (website)
3750 Taylor Road, Loomis 

Date: May 22nd, 2024  WEDNESDAY

08:15 AM we Meet at Orchard Creek  Parking Lot  at Rows 11 & 12 


08:30 AM Wheels roll!  A printed map will be given to each vehicle.  


We should arrive when the doors open at 09:00, so there will not be many people to obscure your lovely photographs.  We will spend time roaming the beautiful grounds and inside the gift shop area.  There is also a place next to the Cafe and parking lot to purchase vinegar, oils, honey and preserves from their farm. 


1100 AM meet at the Outdoor CAFE for LUNCH 





Please tell Heather your preference.  Do you wish to drive or be driven?   Time to be home. 

High hand truck.jpeg

Photo Club Member Image

We will most likely set up lunch per vehicle and sit at separate tables near each other.  Last time Diane managed to convince the hostess to put us all together which was absolutely wonderful.   The reason for being an early bird.   


Thus, this is a last minute FLASH MOB experience.   The date was changed from Thursday as we have discovered Costco will be opening that day which could cause a traffic jam.   


FLOWER MOON on Thursday will be a great day for us to edit our photos and enjoy flowers all over again!   Very appropriate.


So charge up those batteries and bring all your mobile phone expertise to shoot some great photos.   Need help?   Don't be afraid to ask for assistance.   We can share our knowledge with each other.  This is a great opportunity for our SmartPhone people.  It is good to have a 1/2 day field trip to rest our bodies.  Would you consider a trip like this once a month?


Looking forward to you joining us.   It really is our favorite nursery! 

May Special Learning Session SLS Meeting
Smartphone Editing Session 1 
"Editing Photos on your iPhone" – Presented by Dee Grimm

              Session 1 - Editing Photos on your smartphone using the iPhone Photos Native App

                 May 1, 2024 - Wednesday - 9:00AM to 10:30+AM - OC Multipurpose Room

June 5, Wednesday from 9:00AM to 10:30+ AM - Session 2
Editing Photos on your iPhone & Android Smartphones using free apps - Lightroom Mobile & Photoshop.   Dee Grimm has lots of experience editing photos on her iPhone.   She has participated in classes and in-the-field presentations during her many travels. She will share with us her “lessons learned” and tips to accelerate our editing skills.


·       The May 1st Session will focus only on iPhone apps and controls.  

·        The June 5th Session will be for both iPhone and Android as
Lightroom Mobile & Photoshop are apps available for both types of phones.  


Dee’s presentation will include participants working on the same images on their phones as Dee has on the presentation TV.  Everyone can “edit along step-by-step” to help the learning process by combining both visual and hands-on learning.  

 Session 1 & 2 are independent.  Session 1 is for iPhones.  Session 2 will be for both Android and iPhone users.

Capturing Art

Media From WIX

The June 5th session is not included in this reservation process.  A separate email for the June 5th session will be sent out to all members in May. 

 Limited number of participants.  As in prior Special Learning Sessions, the room we have for these Special Learning Sessions is limited to 32 chairs. First to “Reply” for the session will get a reserved place until all chairs are taken.  

May 1, Wednesday Session reservations: If you can commit to attending this session, send me a “Reply” email “Yes, I commit to being at the May 1st Session.”  Include your iPhone model (i.e. iPhone 13 Pro Max).  I will notify you whether you have a reserved place…or not, by Sunday mid-afternoon, April 21, 2024.

I will be traveling with our photo club’s great adventure field trip to Monterey & Asilomar during the week of April 22 through April 27, I will not be able to receive or send emails during this time.    Les Thomas

Photo Field Trip Adventures are Back!


We are always looking for new adventures, please send your suggestions for trips that would be an “Adventure” to Les Thomas at:

Click on Photo to go to the Respective Gallery Page on this Website


Photo by Steve Stewart


Current Exhibit - Buonarroti's Restaurant


Photo by Vicki White

Exhibit Announcement to Club members 

Buonarroti Restaurant will host a new exhibit beginning February 9, 2024 through June 7, 2024.  Denise Souza, will coordinate the exhibit.  LHPhotography Club members displaying their photographs include:  Colin Mac Intyre, Wally Olsen, Jim Sakaguchi, Ron Nabity, Maggie Rose McGurk, Simon Vu, and Steve Stewart.

Please consider demonstrating our appreciation to the Manger/Chef at Buonarroti Restaurant. Visit their website below, review their menu and consider reserving a table for a delicious meal surrounded by beautiful photographs.

Buonarroti’s Ristorante -  

460 Lincoln Blvd. Lincoln, Ph:  916-645-7951


Current Exhibit - Kilaga Springs Spa

 Kilaga Springs Spa currently has an exhibit. 

 Themes of the photo images, which must be followed for each Spa room, are: Ponds, Beaches, Lakes,   Meadows, Forests, Streams and also Landscapes and Flowers.

Photo by Jim Moon

Simple Pleasures Restaurant will invite LHPC  photographers to display their photographs in the Fall.


Get your photos ready to display. 


Check back for specific dates and times. 

Klara Kleman will coordinate the Simple Pleasures exhibit.

Current Exhibit - Simple Pleasures

Photo by Klara Kleman

SP Exhibit Oct2.jpeg

Would you love to exhibit your photos at Simple Pleasures or some of the other great venues available to the Photo Club but don't know how to get started?  Check out our Photo Display Guide and the Application to Exhibit 

(click on the PDF icon: )  

Photo Display Guide

Application to Exhibit

SCLH Photography Club Facebook Page

This is a place for SCLH Photography Club Members to have a conversation about photography, cameras, and places to shoot photography in the area. You can ask a specific "how to" or "where can I find..." or "how can I improve this shot?" or "thinking of going to.....does anyone want to come too?"  You can post great photography-related websites that others might like. Use your creativity.  The SCLH Photography Facebook page is a PRIVATE page.  Only members of LH Photography Club can join this Facebook page, and they cannot invite family nor friends.

To join click on the link below, and Kate or Heather will send an invitation to your email address.   The link in the invitation will time out in 48 hours.    OR send an email to  .  She will reply to you with the link for the Facebook page.  Click on the link and wait for Kate or Heather to authorize entry.

To join, use this link:   LHPC Facebook 

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