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The Photography Group offers members plenty of opportunities to show their photos.

Photography Exhibits and Displays... what we're about!


Our Club actively promotes the displaying of your images.  Our SIG Meetings are prime opportunities to present your work to our fellow Club members. Digital images are frequently displayed in those meetings and our Print SIG provides the opportunity to see images that have been applied to paper.


Our Exhibit and Display efforts are designed to provide opportunities to showcase our work to the greater Lincoln Community.  We have gained the support of several Lincoln-based businesses that offer Exhibit Space for our Club to display our work.  Simple Pleasures Restaurant on 5th Street, Kilaga Springs SPA, The Rotunda in Orchard Creek, and Buonarroti Ristorante on Lincoln Blvd.


Exhibit Challenges


Typically our Exhibits are based on "Challenges" that we issue to our Club members in order to create a body of work from our members that offers a consistent theme.  For example past Exhibits have been "What's in Your Backyard", "Fall Colors" and the upcoming Winter Theme "Where In The World...".


The Challenges are also designed to encourage our members to explore using camera features, shooting techniques, and subjects to expand their photographic universe.  As always, we encourage our members to think about composition, their focal point, their audience and whether their images tell a story.

Those Who "Make it Happen"

As members of the Photography Club we are fortunate to enjoy a variety of opportunities to share our photography with our fellow club members as well as with the greater Lincoln community.  These opportunities are made possible by the time effort and hard work involved securing exhibit venues and in the production of the shows.  Those members who plan, initiate and work on the logistics of the exhibits include: Rhonda Campbell, Larry White, Klara Kleman and Denise Souza. 


Jim Moon - President

Rhonda BW 300px.jpg

Rhonda Campbell

Exhibit Activities Co-founder and Coordinator

Rhonda is a founding member of the Photography Club and has been a leader in establishing the Exhibit activities of the Club.  She has worked with local venues to provide exhibiting opportunities for our members.  These include exhibiting at local banking institutions, restaurants, and at the Lincoln Fine Arts League.

Vicki White - Vice President

2209-Klara Kleman-Exhibits-Sept12-EP.jpg

Klara Kleman

Simple Pleasures, Kilaga Spa and Needle Arts Display Window Coordinator

The Simple Pleasures Restaurant Exhibit rotates with the Painters Group every four months. The Spa Exhibit is scheduled for twice a year, and the Needle Arts Display window, more commonly known as the Sewing Room Window in Orchard Creek Lodge, once a year, which is scheduled by the Association. This is a great advertisement opportunity for our Club since many residents walk through the Orchard Creek Lodge hallways and take the time to admire  our members' images.

Kate McCarthy - Secretary

2208-Denise Souza-August 1-OT.jpg

Denise Souza

Buonarotti Restaurant Exhibit Coordinator

Denise is responsible for managing the Buonarrotti Restaurant Exhibits.  She is also responsible for coordinating Exhibit activities with the other Exhibit coordinators and reflecting status on the relevant Photography Club website.

Phil Harmon - Treasurer

Larry White_0647- crop.jpg

Larry White

Exhibit Support

Larry can be found almost every early morning, camera in hand, at Ferrari Pond.  His pictures of the wildlife and birds in and around the area are well-known throughout the Club.  He is a mainstay for the Exhibits as he hangs all of the artwork.

Venue Locations

Simple Pleasures Restaurant:                 

648 5th Street

Lincoln, CA 95648

Phone: 916-645-1251






Orchard Creek, 

Kilaga Springs Spa, and

Orchard Creek Needle Art Display Window

Buonarrotti Restaurant

760 Lincoln Blvd (old Hwy 65)

Lincoln, CA 9548

Phone: 916-645-7951

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