The Lincoln Hills Photography Club Team... the folks that make it fun!!

The Photography Club is comprised of residents of Sun City Lincoln Hills in Lincoln, CA. The Club boasts a membership of well over 100+ members and is extremely active in the pursuit of our social and photographic endeavors. It doesn't happen by accident... it takes the effort of dedicated Club members listed below. 


For a list of the Club's meetings (time and location) click the button below.

Jim Moon - President

Jim took over the reins of the Lincoln Hills Photography Group in June 2018.  He is responsible for overall leadership of the Club; setting the focus and direction for the many programs and activities enjoyed by our members. He succeeds Bill Kress who has served as our Group President the past year.  

Vicki White - Vice President

Vicki is primarily responsible for assisting the Club President in the formulation and implementation the many programs and activities undertaken by the Club.  As second in command, she is also responsible for backstopping the president in his absence and supporting the planning of programs for the General Meetings.

Kate McCarthy - Secretary

Kate is our Secretary and makes sure the happenings of our Board Meetings and Business Meetings are accurately recorded and available for future reference. 

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Phil Harmon - Treasurer

Phil keeps the books!  So if you want to join our Club, the annual membership fee is just $20 per household.  Please feel free to attend any of our functions (General Meetings, SIGs, Field Trips etc.) to see if our Club is right for you.  If it, is then contact Phil who will sign you up and make sure you get on our distribution list for our announcement emails. 

Diane Margetts - Photo Club Communications Director

Diane, is responsible for oversite of all the Club's Communications Outreach efforts.  She is responsible for preparing news articles for the Association's Compass Magazine and for local news outlets such as the Senior News and the Lincoln News Messenger.  She also works closely with the Club President, Bill Kress, to prepare content for the  NEWS page.

Truman Holtzclaw - Program Chairman

Truman Holtzclaw is our Program Chairman, who is also responsible for coordinating our Speaker Programs that take place in the monthly General Meetings.  He is a highly regarded local Photographer whose work has been displayed in numerous area galleries.  If you want to get information regarding past and future General Meeting presentations you can go to our General Meeting Page  HERE 

Les Thomas - Field Trip Coordinator

Les is our maestro of Field Trips.  He is meticulous in his planning and provides abundant information so participants enjoy a rewarding and productive experience on the many excursions we make to Northern California locations.  Past Field trips have been to Carmel, Marin County, Eastern Sierra, Yosemite, and the annual Reno Balloon Races.

Jim Moon - Round Table Special Interest Group Coordinator

Jim Moon took over for John Campbell and assumed responsibility for our Round Table SIG that meets the fourth Wednesday of every month in the Multi-purpose Room at Orchard Creek Lodge.  Meetings start at 8:30 AM and run until 10:30 when it is followed by the Print SIG. 

We thank John Campbell for his dedication, guidance and humor in bringing us many enjoyable meetings to discuss the nooks and crannies of photography.

Klara Kleman - Lifestyles Photo Group Coordinator

Klara is one of the primary coordinators of the Lifestyles Photography Group which provides photographic coverage of activities and events taking place within the Sun City Lincoln Hills Community and its various Organizations.  You can learn more about the services provided by going to the Lifestyles Photography Group web page on this site  HERE 

Mike Johnson - Photo Editor

Mike has volunteered to serve as the Website's Photo Editor.  He will be responsible for processing, uploading and maintaining our data base of photographs posted in the Member Galleries and elsewhere on the Website.  You can download a pdf file to learn how to get your photographs posted to the website  HERE 

Rhonda Campbell - Exhibits and Shows Coordinator

Rhonda is one of the founding members of our Group and currently coordinates efforts to exhibit and showcase our members' photographs in local venues, including Simple Pleasures Restaurant and Umpqua Bank here in Lincoln, CA.

Vicki White - Exhibits Coordinator

Vicki, is responsible for coordinating and producing the quarterly Simple Pleasures Exhibits will be reporting on the various Exhibit opportunities we enjoy as members of the Photo Club. 

Kate McCarthy - Enhancement Special Interest Group Coordinator

Kate is an amateur photographer who took over the Enhancement SIG not because she is an expert, but wanted to continue tapping into the expertise of the membership of the club to continue discussions revolving around enhancement programs and our members personal explorations into photography.  Please email her if you have suggestions or new ideas for the SIG. The Enhancement SIG is held the first Wednesday of the month.

Bob Baikauskas - Print Special Interest Group Coordinator

Bob heads up our Print SIG that meets quarterly (January, April, July, October) on the fourth Wednesday in the Multi-purpose Room at Orchard Creek Lodge.  Meetings start at 10:30 AM and run until 11:30.

Klara Kleman - Website Links Editor

Having a correctly functioning navigation scheme is an important part of providing an enjoyable experience for visitors to the Website.  When "links" don't work it can lead to confusion and frustration. Klara is responsible for reviewing the Website to validate the integrity of the many "links" that abound on the site. She also keeps a sharp eye for typos and spelling errors.

Website Assistants

We need people to help provide content and help manage our Photography Club website. Our website is built using WIX, a website development platform that uses an easy drag and drop editor, so there’s no coding experience needed. If you are familiar with PowerPoint or Keynote you will be able to quickly learn the WIX platform.

We have a great website team providing input and support for the NEWS, GALLERY, RESOURCE, SIGs and BLOG features. 
If you are interested in helping out, let us know. Training for this job can start immediately.  Contact Jim Moon or Vicky White.

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There's Always Room for More!

If you like to write, design stuff, or have organizational skills, we could use your help.

The Lincoln Hills Photography Club is actively recruiting people who would like to be a part of making our Website a contemporary, dynamic, and vibrant communications vehicle. 


Our Club Officers and Coordinators devote a great deal of their time to managing and producing the variety of meetings, events and activities that we enjoy, but they need help in creating communications that keep our members informed.


We are looking for people with:


  • Writing Skills - To team-up with our various SIG and Activity Leaders to help in the preparation of "content" that will be posted to the Website. 


  • Proof Reading/Editing Skills - To ensure that our communications don't embarrass us.


  • Technical Writing Skills - To help document the website regarding it's organization, implementation and graphic and layout style.


  • Assistant Photo Editor - To assist in the collection and/or production of photographs depicting our various activities such as: SIG meetings, General Meetings, Field Trips and Exhibits. Also work with our Photo Editor to process the photos for posting to the website.


This website was built using WIX, a cloud-based website development platform that is simple and intuitive.  It uses a "drag and drop" Editor that requires no technical expertise.  


If you have used a word processor such as Apple's Pages, or Microsoft Word, you have most of the skills required to use the WIX Editor.  If you would like to learn to use the WIX website development platform, please let us know.


If you are interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities, please contact: Bill Kress or Bob Dale

The Photography Club holds their General Meeting in the Kilaga Springs Lodge Presentation Hall.
  • General Meeting - meets 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 8:30am

Here is a link to the Community Website that showcases the Presentation Hall:

Kilaga Springs Lodge - 1167 Sun City Blvd. Lincoln Hills, CA 95648 - 916-408-4013
The Photography Club holds all of their Special Interest Group (SIGs) in the Orchard Creek Lodge Multi-purpose Room.
  • Round Table SIG - meets 4th Wednesday of the Month at 8:30am.

  • Print SIG - meets 4th Wednesday of the Month at 10:30am

  • Enhancement SIG - meets 1st Wednesday of the Month at 8:30am

Orchard Creek Lodge - 965 Orchard Creek Ln., Lincoln Hills, CA 95648