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CityScape Challenge 

This Challenge runs from Dec 1 2022 - June 30 2023. Photos taken  prior to Dec 1 2022 will not be considered. 

Ideally, you will photograph 7 different cities - one city per month - and submit 3 photos before the end of that month. We do know that not everyone will be able to showcase 7 different cities so you can still participate with one or more cities. Monthly Challenge categories include:








Select any 3 of the 5 categories and submit 1 image per category. The images will be put into the Challenges Gallery, an eMagazine or a slide show at the end of the Challenge period.

For specific information, check out this PDF.

CityScape Challenge

Checkout the photos from the December through March CityScape Challenge! Its great fun to wander and check out cities that we have always loved to visit as well as to expand to new places that we may have always wanted to visit but never quite made it. But remember, its nt necessary to travel far and wide as Lincoln is surround by cities--think Roseville, Folsom and Citrus Heights for example! 

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