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Kate McCarthy

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We are a group of photography club members who share an interest in making a good photo better or rescuing failures that are worthy of saving. We also talk about taking a good photo and turning it into a work of art. You don't need to be an expert in Photoshop to attend the Enhancement SIG. You don't even need to own photo editing software. If you are considering purchasing photo editing software we can help you make that decision. If you already own photo editing software but are not getting the results you want we can help you with that also.


We discuss software tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, On1 Photo RAW, Affinity Photo as well as other tools such as Photomatix Pro for creating HDR photos and NIK and Topaz as well as other plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom. We also discuss some of the better free photo editing software programs. We can even show you how you can take a tattered old cherished print photo and bring it back to life.


Need help with a photo? Bring it on a flashdrive and our resident experts will help you turn it into what you envisioned when you took the photo.


If you have an interest in making the photos that come out of your camera look better then you should join us. 

The Photo Enhancement SIG meets the first Wednesday of every month at 8:30am in the Multi-Purpose room at Orchard Creek Lodge.So come and join us. I guarantee you will learn something.

Something you would like to see presented at a future meeting?

I am always looking for ideas on what members would like to see discussed at our Photo Enhancement SIG meetings. If there is a specific topic you would like to have discussed or a particular photo editing program you would like to learn more about then send me an  EMAIL 

Why You Should Consider Post Processing your photos?

Gary gives his thoughts on why we should use post processing software to make our photos look better. Check it out  HERE 

Check out our Learning Resources Pages to find out more about post processing and a lot more.  You can check it out  HERE 

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A Look At Some Of Our Previous Photo Enhancement SIG Meetings

January 6, 2021

Apple just released a new “RAW” capability for all its iPhone 12 models. The new “ProRAW” image format option is selected in the Camera App and the Settings App if you want it to be the default. This new collaboration between Apple and Adobe has implications throughout the industry.

SCLH Photography Club Member Jerry Hall has compared images from a 12 mp IPhone 12 Max with images from a 20mp Lumix G9 using Adobe Camera RAW and will present his findings.  Join in the discussion of this possible game changing innovation.  Show and Tell submissions also welcome.

Click  HERE to view the presentation.



In May the SIG focused on the many different software options for the creation of High Dynamic Range Images. The session covered such programs as Photomatix and the new Aurora for the Mac. For addtional information you can go to the club's Blog and see some of the latest information about HDR photography. Check it out  HERE .  To go to the May Enhancement SIG page click   HERE 



In March Jim Moon made a presentation on Photolemur. Photolemur is a program that automatically enhances our photos. I was skeptical but after listening to Jim's presentation I was intrigued. So intrigued I signed up to pre-order the Windows version. For an update on Photolemur you can go to the club's Blog and see some of the latest information about Photolemur. Check it out  HERE . For more on Jim's presentation you can look   HERE 



In March we had another full house to hear Allen give a presentation on Smart Objects in Photoshop. He walked us through his workflow which begins in Lightroom where he uses Adobe Camera Raw and other Lightroom tools to make adjustments to his images. Once he is done in Lightroom he opens up the image in Photoshop. In Photoshop he showed us how to convert an image to a Smart Object and went on to explain the advantages for doing so. For more look   HERE 



The Multi-Media room at Orchard Creek was filled to near capacity to hear John Campbell's presentation on Photoshop, his workflow, how he rescued a photo he at first thought about trashing, use of actions, and finally how to use the Adobe utility Configurator to create a personal panel of shortcuts to frequently used tools. He also gave us a brief glimpse into how he creates his signature images. For more on his presentation look   HERE 

January 2016

Bob's presentation was a discussion on how members can get there own gallery on the club's website. It can be as simple as sending you photo to the club's Photo Editor. For more on his presentation look  HERE 

November 2015

Pete Henshaw made a presentation to a near standing room only crowd  on Lumenzia which is a tool for creating luminosity masks. For two hours Pete wowed those in attendance with his presentation skills and the power of Lumenzia. For more information on his presentation look  HERE

October 2015

Vicki White made a well received presentation on iPhoneography. In other words how to take pictures with your iPhone. Many of the things she discussed applies to Android phones as well. For more about her presentation look  HERE 

August 2015

Ron Parker is one of the Club’s black & white experts and at the August Photo Enhancement SIG he showed us how he works his magic to transform a good color photo into a beautiful black & white photo. For more about his presentation look  HERE