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John Campbell, Dale Petersen & Larry Brenden Present Images at June Print SIG

John with one of his 3D prints

Dale with two of his Prints.

Larry Brenden (l) showcased six prints. Print SIG Attendees (l-r) Larry,  John Campbell, Rhonda Campbell Debra Raach, Dale Petersen and Truman Holtzclaw.

Dale Petersen (r) showcased three prints. Print SIG Attendees (l-r) Brad Senn, Truman Holtzclaw, Larry Brenden, Pete Henshaw, Allen Adler, Debra Raach and Dale.

John Campbell (l) showcased three 3D prints. Print SIG Attendees (l-r) John, Dennis Berry, Dale Petersen, Rhonda Campbell, Debra Raach, Truman Holtzclaw, and Brad Senn.

Truman Holtzclaw (r) offers a critique on one of Larry Brenden's prints. Print SIG Attendees (l-r) John Campbell, Rhonda Campbell, Dale Petersen, Debra Raach, and Truman.

Brad Senn (l) makes a point during the presentation of prints by Dale Petersen. Print SIG Attendees (l-r) Brad, Allen Adler, Larry Brenden, Dennis Berry and John Campbell.

Larry Brenden with two of his prints.

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2017 May Print SIG Meeting

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Charlie Schuman, Dale Petersen and Larry White showcase their prints

2017 April Print SIG Meeting

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Larry Brenden and Allen Adler are among those presenting prints.

2016 March

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Jim Klein presents best practices for matting & framing prints

2016 January & February

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The Print SIGs feature the work of Allen Adler, Rhonda Campbell, Carole Haskel, Ron Parker, Larry White and Vicki White.

2015 October

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The Print SIGs feature the work of Bob Dale, Patrick Jewell, Fred Buhler, Rhonda Campbell and, Ron Parker.

2015 September

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The September Print SIG features a presentation by Steve Stewart who demonstrated the Filter Forge Program.

2015 August

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The August Print SIG featured a presentation by Betsy Hanner who showcased her work using PanPastels and hand painting photographs.

2015 July

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 Ron Parker was the featured presentor at the July Print SIG where he shared his approach to producing stunning Black and White photographs

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The Who, What and Where of Metal Prints was topic of May Print SIG.

The two hour session covered the a comprehensive range of options available if you want to have your images printed on metal.


Topics covered included: the metal printing process, description of the equipment used to produce metal prints, description of the various types of metal print aluminum panels including sizes, shapes and finishes.


The presentation also provided a comprehensive list of northern Bay-area printing service providers that can produce metal prints, including merchants such as Costco, Adorama and specialty photo printing labs.


Club members were also able to inspect sample metal prints that showcased the various print finishes such as: gloss, semi-gloss, mat, and clear.


The presentation wrapped-up with a detailed description of the steps needed to produce a 96” by 48” metal print of a composited image of a motorcycle against a graffiti wall.


Presented below is a link to the research notes used in preparing the presentation.  The notes contain an extensive listing of suppliers and links to their websites and support materials.  Also presented below is a link to the slide show presentation.

Bay Photo Sigle Metal Print Image-2.jpg

The presentation detailed the creation of a 96” by 48” metal print from conception to final installation in a home.  Below is a screen  shot of the image being composited in Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 8.56.57 PM.png

Shown below is the final semi-gloss metal print as displayed in home. 

The final file size was 28,800 X 14,400 pixels. The image was printed at 300 pixels per inch.  File format was jpg with sRGB color space. The files size was 393-Mbs.

Living Room copy.jpg

You can download a pdf file of the slide presentation by clicking on the slide icon below:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 1.51.42 PM.png

You can download a pdf file of the presentation research notes including service provider website links by clicking on the pdf icon below:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 1.52.55 PM.png
Print SIG
What it's all about.

"If it's not on paper it's not a photograph!!"


Those might be fighting words for some of our members, but there are those among us that believe in the sentiment.  The Print SIG is for them.


The Print Special Interest Group will meet quarterly (January, April, June, October) on the 4th Wednesday of the month in the Orchard Creek Lodge Multi-purpose Room, from 10:30am to 11:30 am, immediately after the Round Table SIG.


The SIG is dedicated to advancing the art of putting images on paper.  Members are encouraged to present their photographs for discussion and evaluation.  We also explore printing techniques, printing papers, matting and framing techniques and the software tools used to prepare our images for printing.


While many of our members use their own desktop printers to print their images, others use the services of third-party printing solutions such as Costco, Bay Photo, Aspen Creek and others.


If you want to learn about printing, preparing your images for third-party services, or improving your printing techniques and methods, this it the place to get the information you need.


If you want to learn more about the group, stop by and check out one of our meetings.

Bob Baikauskas
Print SIG Coordinator
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