Club Members Enjoyed Trips to local Venues During April

Outings included trips to Table Mountain Echological Reserve, Baldo's Rose Garden and Larry White Pond :-)
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Heidlemann Lodge July 21-23 Field Trip offers great opportunity to expand your Sierra/Tahoe Landscape Portfolio!

Report by Jeff Andersen

The LHPC is planning for a July 21-23 Field Trip centered on Norden, CA (about 9 miles west of Truckee).  Through Vic Jew and Jacquie Stoll, the private Heidelmann Lodge will be available to us as a base for our adventures. 


This historic and pleasantly rustic lodge is a great place from which to venture, and to which return after a day of exploring and shooting.  While we have set aside only 2 nights and 3 days for this trip, there are weeks and weeks worth of photo ops open to us.


Yes, the comfortable bunk beds come with mattress covers and pillows, and yes, everyone may have either the top bunk or the bottom bunk.  You can use either a sleeping bag or bring your own linens.  600 and above thread count optional.  CPAP users can easily plug in at the other end of the building for a communal snore. 


Women and men have separate sleeping areas, and the resident manager enforces non-fraternization rules with a spiked stick, though the blows are relatively mild.


Since photographers keep such odd hours - for good reasons - meals will be up to individuals.  Grocery stores are readily available, as are a wide range of eateries.  Too, the lodge has a full kitchen, including pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cups, etc., and food can be easily stored in the available refrigerators and freezers. 


Folks can bring their individual stuff or plan with others for preparing meals.  Brethrarians (look it up) need not be bothered with these tedious details.  There are also BBQ’s for outdoor cooking by carnivores.


A pre-trip information and planning meeting will be held so that any lingering, astute, or goofy questions may be asked and answered.  For now, just pencil in the dates and get ready for a fun trip. 

Trip postponed to a future date TBA