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Club Members ventured to the Eastern High Sierra and Tahoe Area in Pursuit of the Milky Way and Fall Colors

October 11, 2015 saw a group of 26 intrepid Photography Club members pack their camera gear and head down to the Eastern Sierra for what would turn out to be a “Great Photographic Adventure”.


The organized Field Trip focused on night photography of the Milky Way, light painting, fall colors, iconic photographic locations, reflections, landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, wildlife, unusual objects and just plain fun.


Photogenic Locations abound


Locations included Yosemite, Mono Lake, White Mountains/Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Convict Lake, McGee Creek, Rock Creek, June Lake, Alabama Hills, Whitney Portal, Manzanar, Ancient Petroglyphs, Bishop, Lake Sabrina, Bishop Ponds, Lake Tahoe, Taylor Creek and Hope Valley.  Some of our group ventured to the Devil’s Postpile near Mammoth Lakes, while others made the trek to the Ghost Town of Bodie and other roads scattered far and wide. 


The Field Trip was organized on a “Menu” system that enabled participants to select either going for the full six days or any of the days on the agenda. Each person was free to select when and where to go each day.  Participants traveled in groups and individually, often meeting up with each other for photography, travel and meals.


Comprehensive,Detailed Planning


Eight people assisted in planning this trip.  

Many thanks to Dale Petersen for introducing us to a photographer’s app, Photopills which was highly useful in planning sunrises, sunsets, and Milky Way timing and camera locations.


Bob Baikauskas produced many detailed maps of prime locations and an itinerary outlining best times to be at specific photographic locations which helped us to be in right place at the right time.


Rhonda and John Campbell, longtime residents of Bishop, CA and now of Lincoln Hills contributed their lists of favorite photographic locations and restaurants.


Truman Holtzclaw and Allen Adler also contributed with suggestions regarding photographic locations while Phil Robertson offered suggestions and tips regarding how to photograph the Milky Way. 


Pre-trip and Post-trip Parties


Les Thomas was the maestro or chief “cat herder” who pulled the whole thing off with his gentle prodding and the use of his beautiful home for the pre-trip planning “dinner” on September 16th.  Attendees were given an overview of the trip itinerary along with a comprehensive “Information Packet” which took the guess-work out of trip planning.


The Packets were distributed to each person; these were filled with useful checklists, maps, itineraries, research links, travel information, participant cell phone numbers and recommendations on places to eat and stay.


The after trip “show and tell” party was held at Les’ home on October 30th.  Thirty-six Club members attended the affair and enjoyed the many excellent photographs produced by the group. Food, and beverages were served along with the telling of many stories, some of them true.


This is a fun group so many adventure stories were shared as were plans for future trips.  During the eating and storytelling, a slide show featuring location photographs of our adventurous photographers was shown.  Following the food and beverages, many people who went on the trip shared some of their photos.  Their narrations proved to be a great learning experience, both of what worked well and some things to avoid.  All in all, a great evening of “lessons learned” and fun in sharing experiences. 

Here are some of our photographs from the trip...
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Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places...

it doesn't get much better than this!

Here's a few shots of our group at play.

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