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Bandon, Oregon -- Beach

Sunsets, Sunrise Fog, Beach Patterns, Beach Creatures

1908-Bandon Beach Sunset-Aug27-I-LP-1001

Sunset - Witches' Hat Rock

Love that articulated viewfinder

1905-Circles Sand DKress-Bandon-May01-I-

Dozens of these creatures emerge at low tide.

1908-Bandon-Sunset-Kress Aug27-I-LP-1003
1908-Bandon Beach-Sand Patterns Kress-Au

As the tide goes out, there are many sand patterns

1908-Bandon Beach-Creatures Kress-Aug27-

Sea creatures at low tide

1908-Bandon Beach-People Truman-Aug27-I-

Many rocks, many sunset opportunities

Truman getting that reflection of Bill Kress taking Truman's reflection...

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