Bandon, Oregon -- Circles In The Sand

Artist Denny Dyke and friend

Worker preparing the pathway

Denny inspecting the pathway

Detailed drawing

During our May 2018 LHPC field trip, we were lucky to watch the entire process in which Denny created a memorial for a musician who had recently passed away.

First thing in the morning, about 8 workers drew pathways and patterns in the sand using rakes and sticks. After a few hours, the labyrinth was completed and dozens of people walked the pathway in reverence to their friend who had passed away. Later, the high tide washed the beautiful Circles in the Sand away and created a new canvas.

For timing of the next labyrinth creation, go to the website of the artist, Denny Dyke -- click HERE

The following are a few pictures Dorothe and I took at the labyrinth on Bandon beach.

Bill Kress

Memorial walk

Nearby the labyrinth, some sea creatures could be seen. It was low tide. Photo by Dorothe Kress