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1908-Bode Old Building Figure-Kress-Aug2

If you like blurry people-motion pictures, put your camera on a tripod and wait. There's always someone moving around. Bill Kress

Bode State Historic Park

The California gold-mining ghost town, Bodie, is well preserved and has so many opportunities for the photographer.

The park is north of Lee Vining and south of Bridgeport. It's about 13 miles east of Highway 395, 3 miles are unsurfaced road, sometimes quite bumpy. 

There's lots of information about the town on the Bodie State Historic Park website, including a detailed map.

Admission (2019) is $8.00 per person and they accept cash or checks.


From April 15th to November 3rd, Bodie is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

1908-Bode Cloud -Kress-Aug23-I-LP-1001.j

You never know what you'll see. As I was driving out of Bode a few years ago, I noticed this beautiful cloud over the town.

Bill Kress

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