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   This is an archived copy of the Dec 2016 & Jan 2017 Field Trip Page  
Eastern Sierra Fall Colors and a Super-Moon was focus of October Field Trip

The California Highway 395 Corridor on the Eastern Sierra from Mono Lake to the Alabama Hills was the focus of the Club’s annual Fall Color Field trip last October.

The Eastern Sierra is California's showcase for Fall Colors and provides photographers with great opportunities to capture beautiful images of yellow, gold, and orange aspens against a backdrop of spectacular mountain peaks, streams and lakes.


In addition to the Fall Colors, the trip was also being scheduled to take advantage of a “Super Moon” that reached its maximum fullness on the evening of October 15th. 

These opportunities included: the Moonrise over Mono Lake on the evening of October 14th; and the Moonset over the Sierra

Crest from a variety of locations near Bishop CA, and the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, CA on the morning of October 16th.

With the Moon being at its maximum brightness during the trip, the group also had an opportunity to try their hand at photographing under Moonlight in the Alabama Hills on the nights of October 16th and 17th.  As a bonus, the group also had an opportunity to photograph the Milky Way Galaxy over the Alabama Hills and the Sierra Crest.

The participants enjoyed a post-trip Show and Tell party on November 11th.  Beautiful images, Good food, good friends, and good times were shared by all.

Presented below are images from the trip and post party.

2016 Eastern Sierra Field Trip Gallery

Click on images for larger image.

People and Party Photos
Comprehensive Trip Planning Package was made available.

A Field Trip planning and information package was distributed to help trip goers prepare for the trip.

The trip itinerary and info package identified specific times and locations for two primary celestial photographic opportunities i.e., Moonrise over Mono Lake on 10/14, and the Moonset over the  Sierra Crest on 10/16. 

The package also included instructional information and links to various websites to help participants prepare to take photographs at night under the light of the Super Moon.

Detailed location maps were also included to enable participants to set their own time table based upon their interest.


The package included information for the primary locations for photographing Fall Color such as Convict Lake, Rock Creek Canyon, Lake Sabrina, and Bishop's South Lake Road among others.  A comprehensive list of websites covering the Eastern Sierra was also included in the package.

The package components were also made available on this website during the months of October and November and can be viewed and downloaded from the archived web pages.  (see November Archive Page in the list below.)

The Planning Package contents are still available on the November Archive Page.
See list below.
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