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1902-Lincoln Egret Heron Rookery-Locatio

The Lincoln Rookery between Safeway and Lowe's Plazas 

Photo by Dorothe Kress

1902-Lincoln Egret Heron Rookery-Locatio

Our Heron-Egret Rookery

This was a "Flash Mob" field trip earlier this year and even though the leaves have covered most nest, still presents opportunities for photographers.


Between the busy Safeway and Lowe's shopping plazas in Lincoln and 200 feet from noisy Lincoln Blvd, you’ll find a multi-tree heron-egret rookery (a rookery is a nesting colony). On January 30th, we counted 14 great blue herons and one great white egret. 


How to Get There

Park near Dollar Tree (across the plaza from the Lincoln Lowe's store) and walk around to the back of Dollar Tree. Look towards Starbucks in the Safeway plaza and you’ll see the rookery. If you walk to the Safeway Plaza from Northfield Lane, you’ll see the rookery on your left.

To get very close and personal like the Blue Herron pictures below, an 800 mm (35 mm equivalent) was used at burst mode of many frames per second.


Bill Kress

A Great Blue Heron landing on a branch at the rookery. 

Photo by Bill Kress

1902-Lincoln Egret Heron Rookery-Locatio
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