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Club Members form Flash Mob for Night Photography!

PhotoPills Demonstration

sets off Flash Mob Field Trip!

by Les Thomas

During the November 11, 2015 Photography Club General Meeting Bob Baikauskas demonstrated an app called PhotoPills (right now only available for iOS but later in 2016 it may be available for Andoroid systems). This amazing app has many information points for sunrise, sunset, night photography, moon phases and other related astrophysical information.


During his demonstration, it was noted a “dark sky”, a moonless phase at our location, would be present that very evening.  Also, the “galactic core” would be present.


Flash Mob Shout-out


With great enthusiasm, a “shout out” flash mob field trip was announced that anyone interested could meet on the hilltop “water tower” area near the magnificent dead oak tree at 5:45 p.m.


The mob assembled as planned.  Some of the club members who appeared included:

Larry White, Truman Holtzclaw, Patrick Jewell, Jim Hammond, Patti Hammond, Allen Adler, Gary Sloan and Les Thomas and a new member who hadn’t used his camera for several years. 


Several people, including Allen Adler were computing locations and times for the star times using the newly discovered Photopills app.


Experimenting with Light Painting 


Many stars were visible; however, the lights to the west consisting of city lights and some sunset ambiance, overpowered the galactic core’s best side.  Undaunted, the participants soon were experimenting with light painting using the many red, blue and green lights Truman produced from his magic equipment bag.


Experimenting with countdowns to releasing shutters at different exposure times and multiple lights painting the old oak tree were punctuated with shouts of success and despair.

One item required for night photography is a headlamp with “red” lamps (evil eyes) which help protect your night vision and do not ruin everyone else’s long exposures to capture stars or light painting.  One of our group, when forced 

 to turn off his bright white headlamp or else face banishment or physical harm, exclaimed “wow, it sure is dark out here”!


All in all, a fun night experimenting with new techniques and learning new things.

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