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Eastern Sierras, Fall Colors Field Trip

Suggested Dates: October 7 - 11, 2019

1908-AL Hills Cafe-Kress-Aug23-I-LP-1001

Alabama Hills Cafe is a great place to have breakfast.

This is a map on the wall of the restaurant.

1908-Mono Lake-Tufa-Aug26-I-LP-1001.jpg

Mono Lake from the South Tufa area

California Highway 395 from Mono Lake south has unlimited photo opportunities. 

We have made this trip several times in the past and you can read about them in our archives:    2016 TRIP    and   2015 TRIP  

Because of the time commitment of previous field trip leaders, everyone will need to plan the trip for themselves. The following link takes you to a schedule Les Thomas made for the 2018 Eastern Sierra Field Trip.    2018 TRIP  

A overview map of Highway 395 from Bridgeport to Big Pine showing many great locations is   HERE  

The following are links that will take you to more details about some of the great locations not far from Highway 395.


Note that on October 12th the moon is almost (96%) full and full moon is on the next night, October 13th. ​You might want to include a full moon rise/set on your agenda.

Eastern Sierra October 2015

In October, 2015, the Lincoln Hills Photography Club had a "Great Photographic Adventure" starting in Yosemite, and continuing to many locations on the east side of the Sierras near Highway 395. The Field Trip was organized using a "menu" system, which enabled participants to select photographic opportunities each day. Many members contributed to the planning of this event.


A pre-trip planning dinner on September 16th provided an overview of the possibilities. At the post-trip "show and tell" party on October 30th, participants enjoyed other's photographs and experiences. The attached PDF files describe the locations and planning details for October 2015.


The following lists some locations we visited.

2015 Trip Menu


Little Lakes Map

Tahoe Directions

Show and Tell

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